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Fourways Gardens Residential Estate was originally developed by Angloprop, an affiliate of the Anglo American Company. The Estate consists of 939 erven, a cluster development and a townhouse development of 28 and 38 units, respectively. The Estate is divided into two sections – Phases I and IV to the West and Phases II and III to the East.


Approximately [2] vacant stands are available within Fourways Gardens Residential Estate, whilst various developed properties become available from time to time for sale and / or rental. Over and above the residential stands within Fourways Gardens Residential Estate, there are two large areas which have been developed for recreational purposes (parks). Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 parks have dams with ducks and various other types of birdlife. Gazebos and park benches are also provided along the dam for the enjoyment of residents. The parks are equipped with playground equipment and jungle gyms. A Nature Reserve has been established in the Estate and indigenous fauna and flora exists within this area. The Clubhouse on the dam is used for various functions, events and get-togethers. The tennis courts and basketball court are situated close to the Clubhouse.

  The Estate is access controlled and visitors are pre-cleared from the entrances. At the Security Control Room, the electric fence along the perimeter, access and egress as well as house alarms are electronically monitored on a 24 hour basis. The Estate is also patrolled by Security personnel on a 24  

Within a radius of approximately 4 kms around Fourways Gardens Residential Estate one would find the following:

Agora Shopping Centre
Broadacres Shopping Centre
Fourways Crossing Shopping Centre
Fourways Mall
Leaping Frog Shopping Centre
Douglasdale Police Station
Golf course and golf driving range
Life Hospital
Olivedale Clinic
Primary and Secondary private and government schools

  Fourways Gardens Homeowners Association is a registered Section 21 Company, in terms of the Companies Act, 1973 – Registration number: 1986/00615/08. When purchasing a property within Fourways Gardens Residential Estate, the owner automatically becomes a member of Fourways Gardens Homeowners Association. As a member you are obliged to pay a monthly levy and subject to the Memorandum of Incorporation and Conduct Rules of the Homeowners Association. In return you have the peace of mind of a secure Estate with all its pleasant surroundings for your enjoyment.  

Fourways Gardens has its own nature reserve, a tiny, untouched piece of Africa. It is situated on Parkway in phase 1 of the estate. The main feature of the nature reserve is the granite koppie, which has large boulders, called tors. This koppie and others in the area were occupied by the Stone Age people. There are also indigenous grasslands and trees. It attracts many birds and small mammals. There is a hide overlooking a small dam, where people can sit, relax and watch the goings on.